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Excellent Spring Skiing at Copper Mountain Ski Resort

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

Copper’s April is off to a great start. While the Temperatures are warming, there was just enough wind yesterday to keep the snow in PERFECT packed powder conditions.

Skiing on a Tuesday means smaller lift lines, but yesterday was a little different. Copper was hosting the USASA, and had a few lines closed over on the American Flyer lift. The combination meant a bit of a wait, but the Timberline lift (over beside the T-REX cafe) had almost no one there! Once I was on the mountain, it was run after run. The slopes didn’t feel crowded, and the snow was amazing. I might need to ski every Tuesday, just to experience it. Hopefully nothing will warm up too quickly.

I followed the day up with a Copper Bowl Brown Ale and Empenadas at Endos. Yes, they were out of Guinness.

Guinness Health Effects: Prevents Blood Clots

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

There is a new study in showing Guinness protects as well as Aspirin against blood clots. So let me ask – why are we wasting our money on Aspirin? Let’s do a quick comparison:
Aspirin: Prevents Blood Clots
Guinness: Prevents Blood Clots, is tasty.

Aspirin: Stops headaches
Guinness: Probably also stops headaches, provides refreshment.

Aspirin: White in color, devoid of pigment and liveliness
Guinness: Rich in pigment, rich in frothy goodness

Aspirin: Probably makes your stomach bleed and gives you rheumatic fever
Guinness: Coats your stomach lining, protecting you against even the hottest chicken wings.

As you leave the mountain and prepare to board that long plane ride home, know that last pint of guinness is coursing through your veins, lovingly protecting your arteries against a clot!

Guinness: For the B vitamins

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

A pint of Guinness makes the perfect end to any ski day. It’s long been a tradition with my buddy Mike and I to finish the day with a tall glass of Guinness. Why is Guinness the perfect beverage after a day of hard skiing or riding? Simple: Replenishment.

The B vitamins. Guinness is full of them. B6, B12 and um… 13. Mix in Endos‘ giant nachos, and you’ve got a full day’s supply of a lot of things.

And you know the antioxidants that makes blueberries blue? Tomatoes red? Well, Guinness has them too. But it has so many that the drink must be black. Think of the damage a nice healthy pint can repair. Drink several and you can almost feel it happening! (Drink responsibly, make sure your buddy Mike is doing the driving, etc.)