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Subject: Five mistakes skiers make

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

This great post about the Five mistakes skiers make has some great tips. As I was first skimming it, though, I caught “This is a female problem” and spreayed milk through my nose-beak. I’m glad a male problem is given, too.

Just mentioning “this is a female problem” is the kind of thing that would get my ski-loving gizzard plucked out by my wife, but let’s face it: Men and women are different, think differently, and ski differently. What other ski differences can you think of? And who postures more at the lift line – the hen or the rooster? (I think we know)

Copper Mountain – the beauty of the midweek ski

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

I know several people who have taken advantage of the Copper Fourpass, and here is my advice: Ski during the week. Alright, calm down now. Yes, it’s a vacation day. Yes, you’ll come back to a desk full of work. But this is about you, right? YOU. Pamper yourself, for once.

Who will you meet, skiing during the week? Well, most likely no one. That’s right – NO ONE. It will be like having your own private mountain! Think of the peace you will experience, riding the lift without someone interogating you about your work, your life, your mannequin.
Of course, you might share the first chair or two. I’ve met self-employed folks, ski bunnies (if you’re in to that sort of thing, and I know you are), and even retired guys. Mostly, you will meet locals. And I made up the part about the ski bunnies.

Locals aren’t there to chat, and I respect that deeply about them. They are there to ski. For whatever reason, they live closer to the slopes than you or I. Otherwise, they are no different. Feel free to acknowledge them with a tip of the helmet or, if the mood feels right, chat them up like a nervous hairdresser would. At the top, your paths in life will part, and you will likely never see them again.
But after you are at the top of the mountain – or on the back bowls  -it will be all about you. Commune with nature all you want. I won’t judge… much. You’ll come back to work with a skip in your step and a song in your heart. Just do it!

My snowdance worked!

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006

There is a tremendous amount of snow falling on Colorado these days, and none too soon. When we had snow a few weeks ago, I started scanning the Copper Mountain web cams. I started rounding up my ski passes. And I started scraping the ice cubes in the fridge, just in case it was one of those “bring your own snow and you can ski” deals.
My backyard has a slope, and I plan on teaching my little baby to ski. He’s only two 1/2 months old right now, so he won’t quite be ready opening day. But he is REALLY close to being able to hold his head up on his own. And that’s the first step. Well, it was in my ski instruction, anyway.
Not enough has stuck in the backyard for a good run, but soon Copper Mountain will open and I will be all over the slopes. I’m not sure I want to get suited up for 30 feet of bunny hill in the backyard, but I get desperate. So desperate…